Brattleboro Marketing Strategy & Action Plan Completed

Karl F. Seidman Consulting Services presented its Downtown Marketing Strategy at a March 14th public hearing at Brattleboroís new River Garden.  The strategy caps eight months of research, analysis and planning that included a downtown building inventory, market analysis, telephone and intercept surveys, focus groups and strategy formulation.  

Wanted: Solutions for America Project Enters its Final Year 

In 1999, the Pew Partnership selected 19 promising local initiatives to document as model solutions to common social problems. As the local researcher for the Boston Main Streets Program, Karl F. Seidman is working with the city program and three neighborhood Main Street districts to document the programís outcomes and identify each districtís best practices.  A final report will be issued later this year. To learn more Wanted: Solutions for America, visit the Pew Partnership web site

Innovative Real Estate Equity Fund Under Design

Community-based organizations, state agencies and civic organizations in Providence, Rhode Island are working to revitalize the cityís south side neighborhoods, as part of a pilot initiative to link smart growth and inner city revitalization.  A key part of the effort is completing projects that develop under-utilized sites and buildings to attract economic activity that would otherwise contribute to sprawl.  Karl F. Seidman Consulting Services is working with this collaborative, the Southside Investment Partnership, to design an equity investment fund to help finance these projects.  The fund will pool investment capital from state government, private corporations and foundations to make long-term equity investments in community-sponsored economic development projects.  By concentrating investment in multiple economic development projects within one neighborhood that complement investments in housing and public improvements, the fund seeks to stimulate a stronger and self-sustaining development market.  With the stronger market conditions, investors will secure a return on their investments as commercial rents and property values increase.

Karl F. Seidman joins Northeastern Economic Developers Association Board

Karl F. Seidman was appointed to the NEDA Board of Directors as a Massachusetts representative.  He attended his first board meeting in Newport, Rhode Island on March 15th and was immediately put to work on the Education Committee and in planning for the 2004 Annual Conference to be held in Massachusetts.  NEDA is an association of economic development professionals from 11 northeastern states and the District of Columbia working to promote economic and industrial development and advance knowledge and best practices in this region.  NEDA publishes a newsletter, sponsors regular training workshops and an annual conference.  Learn more about NEDA at

Other new projects include: 

Growth Industry Capital Gap Analysis. To assist the Commonwealth Corporationís Economic Stabilization Trust to better serve Massachusetts manufacturers, Karl F. Seidman Consulting Service is conducting economic analysis to identify the stateís strongest growing manufacturing industries, assessing private market gaps in meeting their working capital finance needs, and recommending program and product changes to address any gaps

Plymouth Waterfront Development Plan.   Karl F. Seidman Consulting Services is undertaking market analysis and preparing financial plans for a waterfront development plan for the town of Plymouth. 



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